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Britain defeated Argentina in the men’s hockey amid a dispute over the Falkland Islands


Britain beat Argentina 4-1 in a rough match in men’s hockey London Olympic cycle on Monday but the two teams said they would avoid any collision between them as a result of a dispute between the two countries dating back to 30 years on a small archipelago in southern Atlantic Ocean.

The match saw many rough tackles and lashing words and stop playing but is not uncommon in hockey.

The Argentine Rodrigo Villa after the match, “we just focus on sports and not think about the situation.”

And strained diplomatic relations between the two countries this year on the thirtieth anniversary of the short war that broke out on the Falkland Islands administered by Britain as Buenos Aires pushed strongly for the recognition of the islands as belonging to Argentina.

Britain refused to withdraw and said that the fate of the islands, called Las Malvinas in Argentina must be decided by its population of three thousand people.

The violent conflict spread over the islands to the world of sport, as highlighted in the media the two incidents on both sides of the conflict and meaningful reflection on the pitch.

Still British football fans remember painfully goal scored by Diego Maradona in his hand, who helped Argentina to put an end to the dreams of England in the World Cup Football 1986 after four years on the Falklands War.

Argentina angered Britain in May announcement was broadcast on state television powered shows hockey player trained in the Falkland Islands. The announcement ends a passage voice says, “in order to compete on British soil we Ntdrb on Argentine soil.”

And despite the fact that the player who appeared in advertising which Fernando Zilbrberg not participate in the Argentine squad at the Olympics, but Britain accused Argentina of violating norms Olympics for political purposes.

David Cameron stepped up the pace of things in June warned Argentina that Britain is “ready and willing to defend the Falkland Islands at any time.”

In a press conference after the match sat commander teams next to each other and exchanged chatted and coach Jason Lee said he gave his team a different motive.

“I hope to be the biggest motivation is to tell them that if we do not play well or did not win the match, I will cut off their heads.”

I agree with his opinion captain Barry Middleton, who scored the first two goals for the British team, “Well no problem that the game was a bit nervous. It’s the Olympic Games. Think that if it does not appear, this means we do not provide a good offer.”

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